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I knew I was in for it when I crawled through my bedroom window after midnight and my stepdad was sitting on my bed waiting for me.
I got so scared when I saw the strange look on his face, but he spoke calmly and just told me he didn’t want to wake up my mom.
Take your clothes off, he said.  I asked him to turn around, but he said no.  I knew he noticed my buttons had been done up all wrong and probably figured out I had been with my boyfriend which was kind of embarrassing. As I opened my blouse and a cool breeze instantly hardened my nipples.  I saw him lick his lips, then noticed the big hard on in his jeans.

I stood there naked and trembling as he patted the bed beside him so I sat my bare ass on the cool sheets.  You know why you are being punished?  I nodded.  I apologized hoping that would be enough, but I already knew it wouldn’t.

Ha placed his hands under my legs and lifted them up over my head putting my teen ass on display. I just lay there staring at him as his breathing increased. He licked his finger and started making little circles around my asshole. Around and around. I could feel as he tried to push his fingertip inside and I tightened my puckered hole trying to stop his invading finger.

His finger slid down into my wet pussy, then circled my little asshole again. “Do you know how I’m going to punish you?”  I shook my head , but he said, I think you do as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock.

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