Hot Secretary Phone Sex

So you think this just turned 18 phone sex sweetheart can only do underage phonesex fantasies? Not so! True, I’m young and have a young voice, but we don’t have to let that limit us. I have no limits.

Last night I had a GREAT phone sex call where I was a sexy secretary on a job interview. I REALLY wanted the position an speaking of positions – Imagine me bent over his desk, his tongue in my hot ass and my tongue in his hot secretary ‘s juicy pussy. It was SOOOO hot!

So sure, call me for ageplay role play, but also call me when you just want a horny teen with a sexy imagination.


New Phone Sex Teen

underage teen

Hi! I’m Angie. I’ve just turned 18 and this is my very first post on my very first blog as a phone sex girl.

I love talking to guys, and I’ll talk about anything, like underage fantasy, or incest, blow jobs, handjobs and teen sex. All the good stuff! haha

I’m just getting started now, but I promise you’ll be hearing lots about me soon, so keep checking back, k?

I’m gonna be a total phone sex slut. haha