Brother Sister Sex Phone Sex

Just did a brother sister sex fantasy and it was sooo hot!

My big brother came home and caught his little sister and his sisters hot friend trying on sexy lingerie we shoplifted. We were being VERY naughty girls!

He’d overheard these bad school girls giggling about what we’d done while he was watching us trying on all the sexy thongs and dancing around.

What was a big brother to do? Blackmail us of course and make us his sex slaves.

We had to do EVERYTHING he demands or else!

Don’t think we got off unpunished! He spanked our hot asses good!

Wouldn’t you like to have incest phone sex with me?


New Phone Sex Teen

underage teen

Hi! I’m Angie. I’ve just turned 18 and this is my very first post on my very first blog as a phone sex girl.

I love talking to guys, and I’ll talk about anything, like underage fantasy, or incest, blow jobs, handjobs and teen sex. All the good stuff! haha

I’m just getting started now, but I promise you’ll be hearing lots about me soon, so keep checking back, k?

I’m gonna be a total phone sex slut. haha